The program

Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt auf Schloss Thurn und Taxis Regensburg

Cultural Program

The exceptional cultural program plays a very important role at the “Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn und Taxis Castle in Regensburg”. Singers and musicians from Regensburg and the surrounding area add to the cheerful, reflective pre-Christmas atmosphere. Concerts are given daily by internationally recognized orchestras, choirs and groups. Theme evenings also provide entertainment for the visitors. For example, “Original Old Bavarian Christmas” and “Oberpfälzer Christmas in the Forest”. At the end of every evening, a trumpeter plays a live solo version of the classic Christmas carol “Silent Night” on the castle’s balcony.


The Orient Land as a guest –  Alpacas at the "Romantic Christmas Market"

The atmospheric arts and crafts village has its own enclosure with alpacas. Alpacas are the beautiful, proud, and good-natured camel species from the highlands of the South American Andes.

The nostalgic children's carousel in the inner courtyard, an attraction that is almost indispensable in the "Romantic Christmas Market". The eyes of children shine at the sight of the lovingly designed animals and the adults marvel at how the carousel fits into the Christmas scenery. The carousel ride for children is free of charge.


Saint Nicholas

St. Nicholas regularly visits the "Romantic Christmas Market" on the weekends and on December 5th he actually brings small gifts to the youngest visitors.



The organizer reserves the right to change the cultural program. Short-term information: Tel. 0941 280 2180 or, as well as on the Facebook page.


The "Kinderzauberwald" opens its doors

The "Kinderzauberwald" at the "Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn and Taxis Castle" invites the younger children into the fantasy world of a homely pre-Christmas season: Under age-old maple trees, surrounded by the sweet smell of roasted almonds and cotton candy, the young guests can expect old, beautiful, nostalgic amusements rides!

A ride on the steam locomotive, a round on the swing boat or a ride on the historic Ferris Wheel will make every kid's heart beat faster. Around the nostalgic amusements rides and under the protection of the picturesque castle, the "Kinderzauberwald" also offers a contemplative place to stay for the adults! With a hot cup of "Fürstenkelch" or "Blaublut" you can always keep an eye on your children.



Puppet theater and mosaic workshop in the "Kinderzauberwald"

For children and for those who feel like children, the puppet theater in the "Kinderzauberwald" regularly offers funny stories and entertaining hours. The theater will shorten the long wait for the “Christkind”. Important is the active participation of the audience. The children should help the puppet, warn and protect him. The performances are cheeky, loud and sometimes chaotic but these are central elements of the performances. The self-confidence and the imagination of the children should be strengthened.

In addition, they are taught that even in the supposedly worst situation there are ways and means, so that everything goes well and that wit and intellect often lead to the best solution.

Funny, exciting, fairy-tale and educational!


Dates puppet theater:

Monday to Friday:

4.30 pm and 5.30 pm


3.30 pm and 4.30 pm


2.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm


Mosaic workshop

For all children, the "Romantic Christmas Market" will once again offer the mosaic workshop this year. At the mosaic workshop the young visitors have the opportunity to be creative. The workshop will take place in the tent of the puppet theater during the show free times.


Mosaic Workshop Dates:

Friday to Sunday:

From 12 pm and to the show free times of the puppet theater