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Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt auf Schloss Thurn und Taxis Regensburg

Fragen zum Weihnachtsmarkt

Will the „Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn and Taxis castle“ take place?

The “Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn and Taxis castle” began very successfully its presale. The feedback showed us how much the people are desperate for a change and a bit of normality in their lives.


Due to the lockdown we cannot open at November, 20th. We are ordered by local authorities to stay closed at least until November 30th.


We support the governments of Germany and Bavaria in their decision, even though we are highly affected by them. Our Christmas market is, with its complex hygiene- and security concept, its perfectly controllable open air site and its ticket registration system, one of the safest places possible.


We look concentrated at the current situation and prepare all measurements possible to open as soon as we are allowed. In a best case scenario, on December, 1st.

What happens with the already purchased tickets from 20.11. until 30.11.?

Due to the lockdown we cannot open our Christmas market at November, 20th. Therefore we close our online ticket shops for those dates.


If you have already purchased tickets for November you can use those as ‘Premium Tickets’ as soon as the market starts. Which means no matter for which date and entry time you purchased your ticket, you can use it for every day from the beginning.


If you don’t want to do this, you can free from fees reverse your tickets. Therefor pleas contact our ticket partner vivenu.

Which changes concern the market?

Changes in comparism to the last years concern the entry and exit situation of the market, the control of people entering and leaving the market, control systems and limitation for the castle grounds and the overall hygiene rules. To get all necessary information concering one or another topic, please read the FAQ to the topic.

The closer the end of the year approaches, the more easing or aggraviation can happen. The ‘Veranstaltungsservice Peter Kittel GmbH’ reserves the right to changes due to the pandemic situation. All current information can be found on our homepage and our social media channels.

What is the meaning of ‘entry time’?

The entry time is your timeframe, where you can enter the market. If you are inside you may stay as long as you want!

How long am I allowed to stay at the market?

You have to enter the market to your designated entry time. How long you stay is up to you!

Will there be a box office?

There will be the opportunity to buy tickets for each day that haven’t been sold in the box office. You can purchase the ticket there and fill out a registration form and hand that in at the entrance! Please consider that you should buy your tickets in advance and online to avoid crowds, long waiting periods and queues for your own health and safety.

Where are the entrances and exits of the market located?

One change in 2020 is the location of entrances and exits at the market. ‘Petersweg’ will only be used as an entry point. Whereas ‘Waffnergasse’ only an exit is. In ‚Margaretenstraße‘ will be a locally distant entry and exit for bus and train tourists.

Will der be restrains for the visitors?

During the “Romantic Christmas Market at the Thurn und Taxis castle” will be the current hygiene measurments of the local authorities in place. Generally spoken: Please be distant at least 1,5m to your fellow market visitors! Our aim is to avoid huge crowds.


Please be aware: Depending on the pandemic situation a mask obligation can be in place!

How does the new online ticketing work?

One new addition is the ticket system. To guarantee a fast and smooth entry we focus on in advance online ticketing. Visitors can there register for an entry time, which allows them to enter the market. The ticket registration and ticket personalization allows the local authorities to check who was at the market in case of an Covid outbreak. This system is in place for your own health and safety!

Please get all current information regarding hygiene matters from our homepage and social media channels before your visit!

How to get your ticket!
In seven easy steps to your ticket for the “Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn and Taxis Castle”!

1. Choose the date!

2. Choose your entry time

3. Check our traffic light to see if tickets for your selected entry time are still available. The light is yellow? Be quick and safe your tickets!

4. Buy your tickets for a special Christmas experience

5. Personalize your ticket!

6. You receive your ticket via e-mail!

7. Please be aware: Your ticket will only be valid with a personalization!

Can I reverse my already purchased tickets?

In general: No! You have the possibility until few days before your visit to change the personalization of the tickets. Please consider: The new ticket owner has to register with his or her own contact information.

If you purchased tickets for November, you can reverse your tickets for the dates from 20th until 30th November with our ticket partner vivenu.

Can I use the WM Taler 2020 for the additional days in 2021 aswell?


If the Christmas market will have additional days until January 10th you may use those labeled with 2020 for those special days as well.

Are there lesser stalls?

No. But with our complex hygiene and security concept we change some locations of the stalls to enhance the rectification.

Which hygiene rules are in place during the market?

Protective Plexiglas:

With those on all stalls we aim to achieve a smaller infection risk.


Mask Obligation:

During the market the current pandemic regulations are in place. If you have the obligation to wear a mask will be published in advance on the website, social media channels and on signs all over the market.


In general: please always wear a mask wherever crowds or limitation to be physically distant to other visitors, happen.


Desinfection Stations:

All over the market you can find disinfection stations. We request all visitors to frequently wash their hands and read the hygiene rules apllied to the desinfection stations.

What do I have to consider in case of a suspected Covid-19 case?

If visitors enter the market even though they show clear signs of Corona, the organizer reserves the right to admonish those from the site. Please be aware of your community and stay at home in case you show symptoms!


In Addition to that, with purchasing the ticket you agree to not visit the „Romantic Christmas Market at the Thurn and Taxis castle“ if you show symptoms of a respiratory infect or increased body temperature, if you had contact with a Covid-19 infected or a not yet approved negative tested person, if you had Covid-19 yourself or not yet received your negative Covid-19 test result!

Can I bring my dog to the market?

Your dog is allowed at the site of the “Romantic Christmas Market at the tHurn und Taxis castle” except you have a fighting dog!

Can I bring food and drinks to the market?

No! Bringing food or drinks to the “Romantic Christmas market at Thurn and Taxis castle” is prohibited!

Which public transportation can I take to reach the market?

The “Romantic Christmas market at Thurn and Taxis castle” is located in the center of Regensburg. Reaching it by public transportation is possible. The entry is located 10 minutes by foot from the main bus stations “Albertstraße”/ central station and “Ernst-Reuther-Platz”. In direct walking distance by 15-20 minutes you can also find the highly frequented bus stops “Bismarckplatz”, “Arnulfsplatz”, “Fischmarkt” and “Dachauplatz”.

Where can I find parking spots around the market?

There are some parking garages located close to the market. Next to it you can find the garage “Petersweg”. Garages can also be found on “Bismarckplatz” and “Dachauplatz” wihin 15 minutes walking distance. Charge free parking spots can also be found on the “Regensburger Dultplatz” within 25 minutes walking distance.